How the Cult of Brandi Love is Encouraging Rape and Ruining the Lives of Women and Children

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Let me begin this article by saying that the individual I have singled out is in many ways a good person. In fact from the start Tracey Lynn Potoski (AKA Brandi Love) struck me as a warm hearted and caring person with a great love for children. I initially observed a YouTube video of her taking toys she had gathered via her Twitter account to “Toys for Tots” and the thrill on her face at knowing that a child would wake up on Christmas day with a smile on his or her face at the joy of receiving these toys.

Additionally Tracey and I have a lot in common. Or at least I thought we did. An outwardly conservative Trump supporter and fan of Rush Limbaugh, she has written at least one article for the conservative magazine ‘The Federalist’ using her pen name Brandi Love. But what impressed me the most is that Tracey is solidly pro-life and opposes abortion at all levels. She asserts that even if she were to become pregnant as the result of rape or if the child was determined to be deformed prior to birth, there is absolutely no way that she would consider aborting it. I can express nothing but admiration for any woman with that commitment.

Tracey/Brandi describes both herself and her followers thusly in The Federalist in the following manner:

“”I am both a conservative and a Christian. I am not, however, a zealot (I think she may mean Pharisee here rather than zealot). I have travelled all over the United States meeting fans for more than 15 years. There are millions. My fan base is now, and has always been, what I like to refer to as Sex, Drink, and Rock ‘n Roll conservatives… We love God and our flag but generally dislike organized religion. We like to hang out on the deck drinking a beer, talking sports, listening to country, rock, and rap while using colorful words to describe Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Anthony Fauci.”

Now I would have been somewhat satisfied in just respecting Tracey. And I do respect her. I could simply say that I disagree with her lifestyle (fellow conservatives can indeed disagree) and just point out what I feel is a wrongful direction that she is steering many young people with her influence.

And that is all I would have said until I found that she and her husband Chris were not just involved in the porn industry, not just trading partners with other couples, but at the very least looking the other way in regards to child pornography and sex trafficking in Thailand; the “Kiddie Porn Capital of the World” (with Romania apparently a close second). And on at least one occasion Tracey has performed in a video which actually glamorizes rape and leaves the impression that women actually desire to be raped. Oh come on now Tracey. These conservative fans you speak of for the most part don’t support either rape or pedophilia.

Now I will detail both Tracey’s cooperation with the kiddie porn industry as well as her recent video encouraging rape as I proceed further. But let me first express some details about two people I feel have or at least had a lot of good in them and at the same time the harm that I think Tracey has been unintentionally causing and perhaps even more recently intentionally allowing.

To begin with, here at home Tracey labels herself an evangelical Bible-believing “non-Church goer” – this apparently because churches in her area have made it known that they do not want her in their building; a fact I also find disturbing.

And yet I must maintain that, even with the “kiddie porn” and the encouragement of rape set aside (and I will come back to that), she is still ruining the lives of our children. Let me start from the beginning. And the beginning actually may have had nothing to do with Tracey as I do not know if she was the blonde I encountered in the initial story.

Back in 2006 I drew up a document known as the “Open Letter to the Leadership of Islam” ( At that time the horrors of the 9/11 attacks and the then illusive Osama Bin Laden were still fresh in the minds of people to the point that there was basically no interaction between the Church and the Islamic world.

However my publicist Helen Cook got such extensive coverage of the document that it was spread around the globe. We got coverage over Rush Limbaugh’s EIB Network, a mention from Martha McCallum and were cited in articles throughout the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Japan, Australia and elsewhere.

As a result I was given numerous invitations to speak publicly. In 2008 I received a call from Georgia lawyer Michael Bennett who was looking to set up an open dialogue between myself and the famous Muslim Imam Wallace Dean Muhammad to be moderated by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Now Wallace Dean Muhammad and Michael Bennett both died suddenly (suspiciously?) before the dialogue could be set up so, since Mr. Bennett had been our only connection to Tony Blair, we decided to go ahead with the dialogue in Hollywood with WDM’s successor Imam Muhammad Siddeeq (later a Fox News correspondent) and the moderator to be former Southern Baptist Convention VP Wiley Drake over Crusade Radio Network.

The satellite broadcast was set for May 9th of 2009 at Rev. Drake’s First Southern Baptist Church in Hollywood and to be broadcast into various Middle East nations. I arrived in Hollywood a week early and did several interviews to promote the broadcast.

I was placed in a motel frequented by Hollywood celebrities; many of whom thanked me for taking the initiative to meet with Muslim leaders. At the time it was being reported that Osama Bin Laden was planning two follow-up attacks on American interests that would include the Brooklyn Bridge, the Sears Tower in Chicago, Disney World, the Arc in St. Louis, the Space Needle in Seattle, a casino in Las Vegas, Tulsa, Oklahoma (Oral Roberts University?) and Paramount Studios in Hollywood. So again a number of celebrities expressed their thanks to myself. In fact my daughter still has not let me forget that I didn’t know who actor Matt Damon was (I thought he was a linebacker with the 49ers).

Early on as Imam Siddeeq had yet to arrive, I was in the lobby having breakfast when two women, a brunette and a blonde (who could possibly have been Tracy Potoski AKA Brandi Love – I am not certain), came up to my table. “Excuse me” the blonde one asked “Are you Danny?”

“No I’m sorry I’m not.”

“Oh . . . well maybe I’ve got the name wrong. Are you supposed to be in a movie with us?”

“No maham I’m not an actor.”

The brunette found that amusing and muttered “You don’t need to be an actor to be in these kind of movies.”

I looked at her strangely and the blonde explained “We’re porn stars.”

And my first reaction was “WHY?” I asked this because it had always confused me that a woman would want to humiliate herself in such a manner.

Now there was more to the conversation but ultimately the answer they gave me was “We’re trapped. We can’t get out.”

I didn’t understand that at first but apparently most porn stars are women who at some point were so desperate for money (or in some cases for love) that they decided “I’ll just do this one time to get the money and after that I’m done with it.” Or so they thought. But once your private parts are spread all over the Internet and your self-respect has been so compromised, it becomes difficult, almost impossible, to get any other sort of job.

I remember hearing of a man sitting in Memorial Stadium one Sunday afternoon watching a nationally televised Baltimore Colts football game. Without warning the man handed his cheeseburger to a friend saying “here hold this. I’ll be right back.” Minutes later the man went running onto the field, grabbed the ball and went running around with the referees and police in hot pursuit; all this on national television. Eventually he was slammed to the ground by Colt linebacker Mike Curtis and carted off the field by police.

The next morning the man came into work figuring it would be business as usual. But he was summoned into the boss’s office and promptly told “I saw you on television yesterday. We can’t have a nut like you working here. It would make us look foolish to the public. YOU’RE FIRED.” The man soon got another job but the story caught up with him and he again was fired. He moved out of state but again the story caught up with him. “Oh you’re that nut that Curtis slammed on the ground. Yea I remember you.”

And a similar scenario seems to await first time porn stars. Nobody else wants to hire them. One porn star made the comment “There are approximately 10,000 of us in the United States but at any given time there are only about 1,000 who are active. The others THINK they are retired. But they will be back because nobody else will hire them.”

Well to get back to my own story, the Imam arrived and I picked him up at the airport on Wednesday. Upon arriving at the motel and getting him checked in he noticed a player piano in the lobby and asked if he could play it. The lady at the front desk said yes and Imam Siddeeq proceeded to put on an incredible concert with me sitting at his side.

He played quite a number of songs and surprisingly “Amazing Grace” and “How Great Thou Art” were among them.” Those in the lobby gave him a standing room ovation and I looked over to see the two porn stars looking at me. Both smiled and waved and I waved back. I thought that was the last I would ever see of them.

Well the night of the satellite broadcast arrived and things went smoothly. A large contingent of Muslims turned out as did the congregation of First Southern Baptist, members of a local Pentecostal Church who filled the back rows to pray for my anointing and various others who just happened into the Church. And among the latter were the brunette porn star and two other women who seemed to fix their eyes upon me. I do not know if the blonde which may have been Tracy/Brandi was in attendance or not.

The broadcast was very well done. Imam Siddeeq established himself as an eloquent speaker and I was encouraged by the Pentecostals praying for me in the back. Afterwards there was a question and answer session and the Muslims in attendance grilled me in a tough but fair manner.

One question involved the Deity of Christ and I was satisfied with the answer I gave. The three women sat politely but seemed a bit confused.

However later on a Muslim lady wearing her head covered came to the microphone. In other countries she would have likely been forbidden access to even speak but this was the United States. She commented “I have always been told that women were to remain silent and not be seen in public, that our opinions were irrelevant and that we should allow men to think for us. You seem to be saying something different.”

And I responded “I fully believe that women are just as precious in the eyes of God as is any man. And I believe that you have a right to be seen, to be heard, to be educated, to express your opinions and that they should be taken just as serious as those of any man.”

I then drew attention to her headdress and commented “I am not the least bit offended by that. But please remember that there are very godly women here at First Southern Baptist, if I were back home at Bel Air Assembly of God or in Churches throughout the world who do not share that conviction. And many of them like to get their hair styled and you will see them out jogging in the park. And that is often done because they want to look attractive to men. But so long as they maintain their proper standards I can’t see that there is anything wrong with that.”

Now I noticed the brunette and her friends smiling and looking back and forth at one another when I said that. Please note that I said it was proper for a woman to be seen in public – not to be seen naked.

Now I am not certain as to just what impact that last comment had throughout the world. It was just shortly afterwards that I began hearing of women forming the “Green Party” in Iran who were both speaking outwardly and some at least removing their headdress and burkas. Reportedly they were looking forward to President Obama’s address to the Muslim people from Egypt nine days later. It was anticipated that the President would endorse the Green Party and the rights of women. He did not. Instead Obama blamed America for most of the problems in the world. It was all our fault. And this apparently emboldened the Iranian leader Ahmadinejad who ordered a military strike against the Green party protesters; killing their leader in cold blood.

Since that time I have been set up on Facebook and have received thousands of Friend requests; some from close friends, some from former Muslims who are now confessing Christians and some from Muslims at least respectful of the positions I have put forth. AND I have gotten Friend requests from porn stars.

Until recently I declined all except for one of these requests; that coming from FORMER porn star Shelley Lubben. The others had obviously not forsaken their profession and were dressed as near naked as FB allows. The thought of someone from the Assemblies of God glossing over my FB page and seeing these women on my Friends list left me fearful of my reputation. Now I think that is somewhat reasonable BUT more recently it has occurred to me that Jesus befriended numerous individuals who’s reputation was such that His own disciples advised against it. Notably the publicans Matthew and Zaccheaus (the former later a disciple himself) as well as Mary Magdalene, the Samaritan woman and the harlot at the home of Simon the Pharisee. So I have began rethinking that position.

But again the one Friend that I did make was Shelley Lubben; a former porn star. Shelly had been a rebellious teenager greatly addicted to drugs and wild sex parties yet appalled by the fact that the porn industry did little if anything to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease among it’s performers.

Oddly Shelley had met up with the backslidden son of a Baptist minister, himself struggling with drugs but fighting to get his life back together. He asked her to dinner. “Dinner?” she responded. “That’s not what I’m about.” But nonetheless the two had ended up striking a friendship and began studying the Bible. He recommitted his life to Christ and she made a first time commitment. They ended up getting married and Shelley started a ministry to porn stars seeking to get out of the movement. In the meantime she became an ardent spokesperson against the porn industry and it’s abuse of women. She appeared with another former porn star, Crissy Moran, on the 700 Club, Nightline and numerous other TV and radio programs campaigning against the many abuses of the porn industry.

As might be expected this drew criticism from the industry itself which recruited a number of it’s own stars to come forward saying that they had not been abused and that porn was a noble profession. In addition they published books, videos and even a website (titled “The Devil and Shelley Lubben”) aimed at discrediting her.

Now Shelley’s marriage eventually dissolved as apparently she was never able to completely get free of her drug addiction. Shelley died at age 50 on February 9th of 2019. I probably should add that the average lifespan of a porn star is only 38 years with suicide, drug abuse and sexually transmitted disease accounting for many of their deaths. .

But in the meantime we had conversed over both Facebook and texts. Shelley seemed safe to have on my Friend’s list. Again she had left the porn industry so there was no risk of having a lewd scene pop up on my site. But in the midst of this she had asked an unusual favor of me. “See if you can make contact with Jena Jameson and Brandi Love on Facebook and get them saved. Their Christian testimony would do wonders to inspire others.”

Now I knew the name Jena Jameson as she had recently appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor” with Bill O’Reilly; not his best interview in my opinion. He had asked how she felt about being called a “slut” and she responded that nobody had ever called her that. O’Reilly then responded “Yea but you know they’re thinking it.” I personally would not have handled the interview in that manner. Or actually I would have probably avoided even having it.

But I filed Shelley’s request away. I mean hey these women were porn stars. And again I didn’t want them popping up on my Friends list. Now I had a lot of other things to occupy my mind with. I was pastor of an Assemblies of God Church, which didn’t need it’s reputation besmirched. I am married and the father of three kids and am now a grandfather. I work for a medical center and have a couple of other things on my to-do list. But as I said, I have began reevaluating this decision.

I must have skipped over the mid-life crisis that most men are said to experience. Thankfully there aren’t many things I ever wanted to do what I haven’t gotten to do. I had great parents, have a great wife and kids and a granddaughter of whom I am very proud. And I was quite hesitant to risk my reputation by associating with porn stars.

It seemed to me that there was not much left on my to-do list. And then it dawned on me “I didn’t keep my promise to Shelley. I need to contact those two women no matter how badly it damages my reputation.”

So I looked into contacting them. Again I had heard the name Jena Jameson previously and I presumed that Shelly wanted me to contact her and Brandi because they were likely the most recognizable names in porn. That may have been the reason but I soon realized that I had a good deal in common with these women. Both were Republicans and, like myself, strong supporters of Donald Trump. And again Brandi was strongly pro-life. I had expected differently.

Jena it turned out had left the porn industry and was sharply critical of it. In fact she relayed information to the effect of not just being filmed in compromising positions but of actually being raped against her will on camera. Other ex-porn stars have said as much. See for example )

Jena did not express any sort of religious experience except that she believed in God and was hopeful of getting to go to heaven when she died. Jena stated “I think I will get into heaven. I think I’m a nice person. I have elderly neighbors and I helped them to plant a garden recently. I think that will count in my favor.” I told her “God bless you for doing that” but tried to explain to her that salvation does not come by good works. All of us have sinned and missed God’s standard. We are only saved by His grace. Jesus paid the price for our sins on the cross. But Jena never responded any further.

Brandi Love on the other hand was a different breed. She seems to love the porn industry and eludes a “free love” philosophy reminiscent of the 60s and early 70s hippies Sonny & Cher. Her real name is Tracey Lynn Potoski (nee Livermore). Raised up in a wealthy and well known Presbyterian family, she attended High School in Dearborn, Michigan and admits to losing her virginity at age 16. “I dated that guy for two years and then he dumped me.”

Now I cannot say just what sort of upbringing Tracey had. Again she was the product of a wealthy and respected family but I do not know just how close they were. I think that important because Dr. James Dobson once said that “all too often women will give sex in order to get love. And when that happens there is always some man out there who will offer up a plastic form of love in order to get sex. And in the end the man gets what he wanted and the woman gets ripped off.” That scenario has been repeated often and I suspect Tracey was one more example.

Afterwards Tracey attended Central Michigan University where she met Chris Potoski a student who simply says sarcastically that he “studied the female anatomy” while there. I suspect he is being modest in that he did later achieve good success in the business world. Anyway they fell in love and, seemingly characteristic of her perspective on life, Tracey again offered herself sexually. As she puts it “His pants came down, my skirt went up and we didn’t care who was around.”

Initially with a good bit of money in their possession they ran off to Mexico and lived rather lavishly only to discover that their money was gone and they were across the border and broke. Their life at that point seemed reminiscent of Sonny & Cher’s popular song “I Got You Babe.”

“They say our love won’t pay the rent
Before it’s earned,
Our money’s all been spent
I guess that’s so, we don’t have a plot
But at least I’m sure
Of all the things we got.”

Well anyway some how this frolicking couple made their way back to America and in time found that they were parents to be.

For many in this position abortion seems a valid decision these days. But as I have noted, Tracey (or Brandi) is a genuinely loving person and not willing under any circumstances to even consider having her baby killed. That may well be Chris’ position as well. Either way they were determined to give their baby a good upbringing.

Likely their parents insisted on a Christian wedding. Again Tracey was raised Presbyterian and Chris was Catholic. And I suspect that both intended to keep their vows “to keep myself solely unto thee until death do us part.”

And Tracey gave birth to a healthy baby girl; one who’s upbringing would be highly controversial. Now it has been said that parenthood changes people. I think that true. And Chris and Tracey sat aside at least a PORTION of their “Sonny & Cher” lifestyle and became devoted parents.

Chris in time became both Vice President of Medical Information Systems at Regent Systems, Inc. and Director of Business Development at Omnicare. In the meantime Tracy became a stay at home mom.

Now I say they sat aside a PORTION of their Sonny & Cher lifestyle and that is true. But only a portion. In time both agreed to participate in a so-called “swinger” lifestyle. That is to say that they joined in with other couples and agreed to practice wife swapping. All this was kept from their young daughter and likely their parents as well.

But Tracey had two indwelling questions to answer to herself in the process. (1) How was she going to reconcile this with her Christian upbringing? In spite of some bad decisions she had in fact taken her Christian commitment seriously. That however would require some rationalizing. And (2) when the time finally arrived, how was she going to explain this to her daughter?

But those decisions would have to wait. Chris you see was indeed a devoted parent. So devoted that he worked himself into having a heart attack. And they had no insurance. The family was thrown into a tizzy. Social Services would help to a degree but how were they going to support a daughter with no income? Tracey tried opening a wine store and for a time apparently was able to subside for her husband’s absence and need of surgery. But then a more enticing opportunity opened up.

Likely the advice came from those who had participated in the swingers lifestyle with Chris and Tracey but regardless the proposition came that their money problems would be over if Tracey entered the world of pornography. And that apparently appealed to her. She speaks of having told Chris “I want to do this.” Tracey was 31 at the time and likely experiencing a bit of midlife crisis of her own. So Chris agreed. In fact he consented to be in some of the videos himself. And the money did indeed begin to flow in.

Now Tracy tends to be quite defensive on certain matters. She maintains that porn has gotten a bad rap in the pro-family media. She states “I have never found any evidence to back the claim that when a man views porn he automatically becomes a rapist.” Okay that’s a fair point. BUT as I pointed out to her via Facebook:

” . . . you took exception, and I think rightfully so, to the statement ““Men become predisposed to rape from viewing pornography.” Again I do not disagree with you on that BUT suppose we were to reword the statement to read “CHILDREN (PARTICULARLY MALE CHILDREN AS THEY ARE PRONE TO BE VISUALLY AROUSED) OFTEN become predisposed to rape from viewing pornography”. Is that not a reasonable position to hold?

I mean if you look at the testimonies of people like Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein and Andrei Chikatilo, does it not suggest that male children have indeed been predisposed to rape from viewing pornography as children?


At our Active Day Medical Center we have a client who I will call Tommy (not his real name). He is an usher at our Church and takes his role very seriously. Every Sunday morning he raises his neck up and holds still while I place a clip-on tie on his shirt.

Now Tommy is highly intelligent in many areas. In fact had it not been for his early years he may have become a rocket scientist. However his entire vocabulary consists of the words “yes” and “no.” He understands everything you say but those are the only words he can speak.

Tommy you see was kept in a closet for the first seven to eight years of his life and kept in total isolation. I do not know the reason for this. Perhaps he was an illegitimate child and the parents did not want his existence known. But whatever the case Tommy was not taught to speak. And if an individual does not learn at least one language during these formative years, they are incapable of learning to speak any.

Apart from a miracle of God (which I have not given up hope on), Tommy will never speak an entire sentence.

It is also during these formative years that children learn to interact with one another. And pornography can greatly damage how they interact. Again, Tracey is correct in that grown men can be exposed to porn and likely not suffer any tendency towards rape. Not so for children.

UNICEF states that “the early childhood years from birth through age 8 (often longer) are formative in terms of intelligence, personality and social behavior. The first two years are particularly crucial.”

And as illustrated in the lives of people like Ted Bundy and others, early exposure to porn has disasterous effects upon children; particularly young boys in how they relate to women. Whereas isolation has left Tommy unable to form words, male children exposed to porn find it impossible to look upon women as anything other than objects, play things or soleless creatures who exist for male pleasure.

I remember reading the story of one particular serial rapist. He told of walking to school one morning at age ten. A car pulled up ahead of him and the driver deposited a grocery bag out the window and into the bushes. When the vehicle departed, the boy examined the contents of the grocery bag and found it contained various literature of all sorts of vile pornography.

The boy concealed the porn literature for a time and eventually began convincing young girls to allow him to examine their private parts. As he grew larger he began forcing the girls to carry out the actions he saw in the literature. When one girl threatened to tell on him, he killed her. And he spoke of how horrible the first murder felt. But with each one it seemed more natural.

Now you may ask “Who in the world would put porn in the hands of a young child?” Well the Internet has tended to make pornography available to every segment of society. At age 7 my son, who’s only interests at the time were SpongeBob, Buzz Lightyear and the Veggie Tales, still received a promotion in his Email for the sale of porn by a woman named Jewel.” I ended up contacting the woman and threatened her with legal action for soliciting a minor. The response I got was both defensive and without concern.

In a similar vein, Tracey has apparently tried to explain to herself how such a lifestyle could be justified in view of a professed belief in the Gospel. And I believe she found her desired answer in a book that I once came across in the library at Trinity Evangelical while I attended there.. Trinity advocates a statement of faith that includes a belief in the literal interpretation and inerrancy of the Bible. But their theological library is much more extensive. It contains literature from all religions and even cults. Books published by the Watch Tower, the Mormon press, Christian Science practitioners, etc. are found all throughout the building. By contrast I found that the library at Oral Roberts University, while extensive, tosses these pamphlets in the trash.

One such small little book, of which I cannot remember the title or the author, was seemingly written by a man looking to justify his divorce and subsequent adulterous affair by explaining how the Bible supposedly does not condemn adultery in all cases. That requires mangling a few Greek and Hebrew words to make them fit the desired definition of course. But his ultimate conclusion was that the Bible only forbids sex outside of marriage if it is done as a form of worship to a pagan god or goddess.

Now there are certainly examples of this having occurred. For example, prior to the Gospel being introduced, the ancient Corinthians and Ephesians both participated in sex orgies in the temples of Aphrodite and Diana. That seems to be the reason that Paul forbade women from participating in the ministry in these Churches while elsewhere he seems to have had no problem with the ministries of Priscilla and Phoebe.

So are we to conclude then that sex outside of marriage is proper so long as there is no pagan altar over the bed post? That seems to be what Tracey wanted to hear. And she has since convinced her younger followers that such is the case as well.

Now in a short time Tracey was beginning to rise up the ladder of porn stars. That brought in more opportunities to perform and ultimately much more money to first pay medical bills and then to live extravagantly. And this new found “do your own thing” philosophy allowed Tracey, now known professionally as “Brandi Love” to participate without feeling guilty.

Not everyone was so pleased though. Early on when the Livermore family discovered that their daughter was both a porn star and a swinger, they reacted with horror. Especially since their granddaughter was being raised up in this den of perversion. So when Tracey and Chris were away they had the police conduct a raid on the home and to seize the child from the babysitter who must have been caught in the midst of a horror herself.

Tracey and Chris fought in court to regain custody and eventually formed a support group for adult performers under similar stress. I believe the foudation is now defunct though.

Even further Tracey and Chris became supporters of a particular political candidate in Michigan because of his conservative stance against abortion and in support of capitalism. They attended one of the man’s political rallies in Michigan and afterwards stood in line to purchase a picture taken with him. However one official cut in front of them in line and informed them that a photo with the candidate and porn star Brandi Love would greatly damage his campaign. Brandi later commented “My husband is much more even tempered than I am. I was angry beyond measure but Chris simply told them ‘Okay we will leave but please remember that our vote counts just as much as anyone else’s.'”

This sadly is the reaction they both got from local churches as well. Brandi and her family were not wanted in the building. Their very presence might damage the Church’s reputation.

That to me is extremely sad. I once spoke with a lady named Donna Haley who was to become our Church counselor. She told me of having attended Rock Church down in Baltimore County together with a lesbian woman. Throughout the service the woman leaned over and asked “If these people knew who I was would they want me to leave?” And Donna responded “No they would not want you to leave. They would not approve but they would not want you to leave.” And the lesbian women responded “Okay I’ll stay.”

But that was apparently not the reception that Chris and Brandi, who now live in North Carolina, received. They were not even welcome in the building. Let’s never forget that the Church is a place for sinners to gather together and that includes all of us. Jesus pointed out that the well do not need a doctor; but only the sick. All of us have failed in many ways and if the Church were only intended for the totally righteous it would be properly empty every week.

I am sure that, as with ours, in Churches in North Carolina, people gather together every Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday for a time of fellowship and praise. Meanwhile Brandi and her family stay at home watching a DVD of “Jesus of Nazareth.” Great movie but hardly a substitute for assembling together as Hebrews 10:25 instructs us.

Perhaps in retaliation to this Tracey/Brandi has began teaching a class at a North Carolina College on the supposed advantages of multi-partner relationships. According to her the fact that she has been married for 24 + years while others have split up proves that having a multitude of partners solidifies a marriage. She has even produced videos showing herself instructing young teenagers how to have sex without the restrictions of marriage.

But in time the day that Tracey had dreaded came to pass. Their daughter was at school when some students approached her asking “is your mother Brandi Love?” “Who’s Brandi Love?” she asked and they informed her. “She is a slut. A whore. A porn actress.” And her daughter defended her mother. “No she’s not like that at all.”

And the daughter came home wanting to know the truth. Tracey was faced with a difficult and embarrassing conversation but she responded honestly; likely mentioning that her initial involvement came about to get money for Chris’ heart surgery. And the love that both she and Chris had invested in the girl won the day. Tracey commented that she and her daughter are probably closer today then ever before but that “she is fully committed to monogamy but I am not always.”

Over time Tracey’s classroom presentation has apparently taken a different direction however. Early on she could be seen chastising an internet post which warned of the dangers of sexually transmitted disease. “They don’t exist” Tracey (using the name Brandi) declared. I am a porn star. I have f _ _ _ _ _ many men and never had any of these. But over time it appears that reality has began to set in. I suspect that Tracey got one or more of those non-existent STDs herself and began to take a different approach. Now days she has herself tested every 10 to 14 days. But it is with this limited degree of knowledge and great influence that she has become such a danger to our teenagers.

You must remember that Brandi Love commands great respect among young people who are exposed to pornography. Tracey/Brandi turned 47 in March (of 2020) but an extensive exercise program has kept her quite attractive and physically able to perform. Additionally her maturity causes young people to place great trust in everything she says. Many young men I suspect look at her and are reminded of the pretty teacher they had back in elementary or middle school and they presume that she must know what she is talking about. She does not. And she apparently has no qualms about having sex with teenagers. And as I will note later on, of recent Tracey/Brandi has even consented to be raped in videos with the implication that young girls secretly desire to be attacked in such a manner by young men. The influence she has over many young people has become cultic and is rarely questioned. Indeed if you want to be fully liberated then listen to Brandi Love. Or so it is presumed.

Lately Brandi has become aware that the rate of STDs among college students has gone up 69 times what it had been previously. I think she probably meant that it has risen by 69 % rather than 69 times but whatever the case the solution she presents demonstrates a total ignorance of the problem.

Everybody needs to start using condoms she claims via YouTube. Now she apparently does not display this solution in her porn movies but that is explained away because she has began getting tested every 10 to 14 days. But condoms are the solution that everyone else needs to be using. They create the perfect panacea – sex without responsibility or consequences. So everyone start wearing a condom and the world will be a place of endless bliss and happiness. Ah . . . yea.

Some decades ago the singing group 5th Dimension began promising young people of a similar coming Age of Aquarius with the promise of astrology and the ultimate evolution of the human race into perfection.

“When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
The Age of Aquarius
Aquarius! Aquarius!

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the minds true liberation”

I well remember the so-called “groupies” I have met in athletic competitions in school and afterwards getting miffed when I refused their advances. They kept telling me “You’re wasting your time going to Church and watching Billy Graham and Oral Roberts. You don’t need to wait. We can sleep together now. The Age of Aquarius is coming and this “mystic crystal revelation” is going to bring peace and free love regardless.” I often wonder if they still think that.

Well rather obviously we never got any of that peace and love from astrology. But never mind what the stars say now. Brandi Love has a better solution. Condoms, free sex and a reinterpretation of the Bible and religion in general.

Historically whenever atheism reaches a decline, the easy religion of Deism makes a comeback. Deism basically admits that God created the universe but says that He has since simply observed what happens and remained neutral in so far as morality. Again Deism is an easy escape when atheism cannot be defended. Previously we saw it’s revival with Pasteur’s debunking of spontaneous generation and later with Einstein’s discovery of an expanding universe. In Albert’s own words “Creation requires a Creator.” But even Albert himself found security in Deism. He could continue his womanizing without fear of being called to into account.

And presently atheism seems indefensible. Not saying the atheist community won’t find some new form of rationalizing their ideology (they likely will) but currently they are on the run. Things such as Gary Habermas’ “Minimal Defense” approach to the empty tomb and the resurrection (which even secular and Muslim historians are taking seriously), near-death experiences, the concept of intelligent design, the discovery of the so-called ‘God lobe’ in the brain, the discovery of both dark matter and anti-matter in addition to renewed interest in the earlier apologetic writings of C. S. Lewis, Simon Greenlee, Josh McDowell and others are causing huge numbers to take Theism seriously. See my article at

And the religion of Brandi Love has no problem with these things. That is presuming the god being defended is okay with us living whatever sort of life we choose. And that sounds good to young teenagers looking to discover themselves. But there is a problem and I wish I could get Brandi’s attention here.

If you place a condom under a microscope you will discover that there are gaps between each thread. Now quite often these gaps are small enough to prevent the sperm cell from entering the cervix and thus can be somewhat successful in preventing pregnancy. But first remember that a woman can only get pregnant one week out of the month. You can get an STD at any time. But even more importantly remember that the cell that carries STDs is incredibly smaller than the sperm cell. The gaps in the condom are for example more than 500 times larger than the cells containing the AIDS virus. Using a condom to prevent STDs is like trying to stop the rain from coming into your house by closing the screen.

So what is happening here? The well intentioned cultic guru Brandi Love is promising a way to prevent STDs while at the same time instilling a reckless confidence in young people that makes them all the more susceptible.

And the really sad aspect to all of this is that Brandi is encouraging them to pass up on an opportunity that brings not only joy and happiness but a true security between couples that can last a lifetime. That being abstinence until marriage and then keeping one’s marital vows. My wife and I have been married for over 30 years and, apart from the approximate three months total that I was hospitalized, have had relations on an almost daily basis; all this without fear of STDs.

Again Brandi is a really kind person with a great love for children. But the ironic thing is that she is unknowingly using her cultic influence to lead many of them into an early death when a life of joy and happiness awaited them. And of course the untold numbers molested and murdered in the kiddie porn brothels of Thailand and who knows where else further complicates the problem both at home and abroad.

Early on when the AIDS virus was just becoming a household term a family came to me asking if I would conduct the funeral service of their son who had died of the disease at age 27. I asked if there were any good memories they would like me to include in the eulogy and they all shrugged their shoulders. Finally the father spoke up and said “Reverend you know more what to say in these situations then we do. Just say what you think is appropriate. But if you would try not to make it too religious.”

And the funeral itself was a sad experience (although one individual did pray to receive Jesus Christ as Savior afterwards). The burial was the next morning and the mother was drunk at the grave site. They had to cremate the body as early on there was concern that the AIDS virus might contaminate the gravesite and destroy the grass.

But the saddest part was that it was all so preventable if it were not for the Sonny & Cher philosophy that has destroyed the lives of so many and is currently being promoted by it’s most enthusiastic and influential evangelist . . . Tracey Potoski AKA Brandi Love.

Now it is in this area that I must return to the subject of what is potentially the most explosive part of this article. In one of her interviews Tracey is asked where she has had the most pleasureful experiences in these orgies that she and Chris participate in. And her response is somewhat staggering. “Well the most free and open place I’ve been to is Thailand” she responds. “That was unbelievable!” (The realBrandiLove July 2019)

THAILAND????!!!!!! She and Chris have participated in orgies in Thailand??? That in itself is troubling as previously noted. Thailand is known as the closest rival to and the Indonesian version of Jeffrey Epstein’s “Orgy Island” in the Caribbean and the center of child sex trafficking. See .

Now I would love to believe that I am reading something here that does not exist. But it would seem quite strange that Tracey and Chris participated in orgies in Thailand and were not aware of (or even participating in) the rape and, in some cases, even the mutilation of young children. As I have noted, this is a very lovable couple and it seems incomprehensible to me that they would commit such a travesty with children. Although I should note that Tracey at least seems to have no objection to having sex with teenagers. Her actions in this area are unfortunately something that can be viewed at any time via the Internet.

I would like to just give them the benefit of the doubt but with all the mystery surrounding Epstein and his subsequent suicide (murder?) together with the fact that Tracey has blocked me on Twitter for even questioning her failure to prevent children from being exposed to her photos and deleted an entire Facebook page, I think it rather certain that Tracey and Chris at least know more than they are telling in regards to kiddie porn and sex slave trafficking.

There is a Christian ministry called “Sheer Love International” in Thailand that is making great strides in caring for these abused children ( ) but it seems rather certain that Tracey and Chris are not a part of this. And even if they are not themselves involved in pedophilia and simply declining to come forward, the response would seem to be “Anyone, then, who knows the right thing to do, yet fails to do it, is guilty of sin.” (James 4:17)

Until recently I had no idea Tracey and Chris had even visited Thailand. But Tracey herself revealed the information. She had been to Thailand and called it the most exotic experience she had ever had.

Was she duped? Very hard to believe. Did she and Chris engage in sex with little children? As I have noted, knowing the high value they both place on children, I find that hard to believe. But were they aware of what was taking place in their midst? Knowing the horrid reputation that Thailand has in regards to pedophilia, that seems rather certain.

(Now I say the above with a bit of hesitancy as the author of a since altered website known as “Ask Me Anything” and initially claiming to be Brandi Love identifies herself as a “Good Female Pedophile” and admits to being sexually attracted to and having had sex with children. Presumably “good” implies that the children were willing participants. None the less, depending upon the particular state, statutory rape varies between the ages of 16 and 18. Now certain very explicit websites do exist which openly acknowledge that Brandi Love has sex with teenagers although the exact age and which state are not identified. I am trying to give Tracey/Brandi the benefit of the doubt in this area but she is doing herself no favors. An organization known as “Sex Before Eight or Else It’s Too Late” supposedly originated with something called the Rene Gunyon Society but it’s very existence has been disputed. Such however is apparently commonplace in Thailand.

When asked if she would ever resort to rape, the woman on “Ask Me Anything” responds “No.” Again videos do exist of Tracey/Brandi having sex with supposedly willing teenagers, both male and female, but it cannot be determined what in fact the actual age of the supposed teens are. There is a whole legal history of cases involving underage porn performers. Either way though I still must say that this disturbs me greatly and is the main reason for my giving this site such public exposure. I know there are all sorts of perverts out there but the fact that enough individuals would actually purchase videos of a 47 year old woman having sex with children for it to be profitable only speaks to the atrocious decline that our culture has experienced.)

Now I rather suspect that Tracey and Chris both know their lives would be in danger if they were to expose or even make an issue of this atrocity in Thailand. Practically every thinking human being is suspicious of the reported suicide of the pedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein who orchestrated a child sex Island in the Caribbean before being apprehended at a New Jersey airport. Epstein could and quite likely would have exposed some of the most recognizable names in the world had he gone to trial. And in spite of an assortment of faithful followers that these people have, even their most ardent supporters are unlikely to look the other way in the face of the abuse, rape and even the murders of children. Many would be calling for the death penalty.

So as most of your know, under very suspicious circumstances and testimony to the opposite from forensic experts, Jeffrey Epstein was reported to have ended his own life. Anybody want to buy a bridge in Brooklyn?

I don’t know that Tracey and Chris have enough knowledge to be as explosive as Epstein but they could at least draw attention to a horrific child abuse industry. But with the high rate of suicide among porn stars, the death of two more while overseas would hardly seem suspicious to anyone back in America. So the sex trafficking perverts in Thailand could just have Tracey and Chris killed and then cry some crocodile tears and be done with it.

Oh Tracey I can’t let go of this. I would never want to place you in danger. Again we have a lot in common and I wanted to think of you as a friend. And this will likely be the end of any sort of friendship we might have ever had. But I had to write this article because photos of adultery and other forms of sexual perversion are not the only things that are happening here. The lives of children are at stake.


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Even further Tracey has taken part in at least one video in which she plays the role of a porn star raped by one of her fans (MILF in Trouble; May 2019). And the supposed moral of the story is that women actually enjoy this sort of treatment. The character she portrays not only succumbs to the treatment, she begins encouraging it to continue. Afterwards Tracey/Brandi is interviewed and actually comments that rape is really a good experience for women. She uses terms such as “awesome”, “sexy”, “liberating” and says that the wounds left from being tied up are “intoxicating.”

In the comments section even one of her admirers responds “Were I a porn star, I would refuse to make such a movie. Some kid will see this and think it would be a good idea to rape a woman because there’s a CHANCE she will end up liking it.”

Yes exactly. And it bothers me that Tracey actually seems appreciative of the video makers for giving her such an opportunity. Oh sure Tracey. And do you really think women brutalized by your cult followers as a result of this video will be appreciative as well? Surely you must realize the damage you are causing.

Tracey if you read this (and I am hopeful that you will) please know that you can indeed become a great evangelist for the cause of Jesus Christ. Shelley was right. You do indeed have great influence with young people and a heart full of love for children. And you can indeed influence them in making great positive decisions in their lives. I know the institutional Church has forsaken you but the genuine people of God will still love you. If this were your daughter I know you would not hesitate.

Even further you can help to expose the sex trafficking of young children in Thailand and elsewhere. I doubt that you have seen these little girls up close. If you did I am sure the love I saw on your face in the Toys-for-Tots video would come rushing to the front. But ignoring the problem will not make it go away.

“For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the (children) will arise from another place . . . And who knows but that you have come to your position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14)

The following scene from “Touched by an Angel” and the music of Wayne Watson seem an appropriate way to end this.

May God help and encourage you in this most important endeavor.
– Howie Gardner


I received a response to this that was both interesting and depressing. It read as follows:

“I read your article on Brandi Love. I too was an Assemblies of God pastor. I had taken some time out of the pastorate and found myself managing a drive-in restaurant of a very good chain. One night, while covering the deep night shift, I met a young lady in the drive thru who as it turned out was a stripper at a local “gentlemen’s club.”

Over time, she came into the restaurant regularly, (even during the day), and I began to engage her in conversation. She started bringing in more of her co-workers. I listened. I asked leading questions. I prayed with them. All the while, I feared what might happen if my AG brethren found out I was regularly meeting with strippers.

One young lady I met told me that her dream job was to be a church secretary, but when she really needed work and, as she put it, “Still qualified to work in a church”, she was turned down because of how she was dressed. I asked how were you dressed? She said, “I wore the best that I had. but the pastor with whom she interviewed said to her, “you look too much like a slut to work here.”

She left the interview devastated. She had grown up in a “fine” Christian home, but had been kicked out of her home at age 15, after her mother died of an overdose and her deacon father wanted to remarry and didn’t want a punk kid around to ruin his reputation. She lived on the streets and survived for five years until she found the job posted for a church secretary. Her dream was burst by the pastor’s remarks.

Destitute, a friend invited her to amateur night at a local club. She went, she entered, she won $500, but made more than $1,000 in tips that very night. She was hooked. She made a lot of money. She didn’t find happiness, but she said money makes up for a lot of stuff.

All of that to say this. There are some lonely, hungry, lost souls waiting for someone to embrace them as humans. Several of the girls whom I got to know said to me, “you treat us the way we need to be treated. You’re not like other men.” It’s been thirty years since that interlude in my life. I often wonder how my girls are. I still pray for them from time to time. I know there are many more just like them. Will they be reached? God alone knows the answer to that.

Still another update; 4/14/2020:

I had a very strange conversation with a young girl today that left me a bit sad. I don’t know if there is a connection or not but ever since I met the two porn stars out in Hollywood I have on occasion been contacted by women who seem so starved for affection that the word “sex” seems to flow out of their mouth almost as if they are wanting to offer it in exchange for love. If any of you have interest, here is the conversation with the girl’s name stricken out:

. . . I work hairdresser
You are married ??


That explains why you have such lovely hair. Yes I am married. As I told you I have three kids. Great family. You would like them.

I’m single
tell me you like to do what in your spare time??

I am a marathon runner so I spend a lot of time either with my family or working out.
What do you like to do in your spare time?

As for me I go to the beach, I
watch movies
Do you like sex ?? Lol ?

– – – – – – – – , as a Christian I like sex a lot but I believe it is to be kept within the bounds of marriage.

haha everyone loves sex
what are you doing right now

Watching Fox News and talking with you.

I just took my bath and I’m half naked right now so if you want to join me because I’m bored alone right now in my room


Come on now. You aren’t interested in hitting on a 66 year old buzzard anyway, are you?
– – – – – – – If I could give you a bit of fatherly advice, there are a lot of men out there who will tell a pretty girl anything just to get her in bed. Be careful of that. I would suggest you get involved in a good Church and find a guy who will not just be attracted to you but one that will love you for who you are. A lot of young girls have given sex to boys who offer up a fake love only to find out that they have been used.
Again you are a lovely girl so you don’t need to grab the first guy that comes along.


I was looking at your FB site. Are those your sisters? If so, what a lovely family.


Chat Conversation End

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